Our diversity of clients allows us to share the best practices in control strategies and automation technology

Supervisory Control covers a wide variety of disciplines.

These are all well integrated in our work process as well as in the deliverables from QCA and include the following disciplines.

SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

SCADA systems are the window into your process, whether it’s manufacturing or batch operations.

QCA works at the front of this rapidly evolving area of industrial automation. Our credentials include:

  • Strategic provider for Rockwell Automation
  • Experienced in RSView32 and RSView Supervisory Edition
  • Systems integrator for Wonderware. Experience with all forms of Wonderware, including Industrial SQL, Distributed Applications, and Terminal Server
  • Developing systems and interfaces for clients in many industries and disciplines

QCA integrates systems for optimum control, supervision, data storage, and retrieval. We take pride in building systems that make your process visible, accessible, and understandable.

System Design

System Design takes understanding, experience, and judgement.

We study your environment to answer these key questions:

  • Who will operate the software?
  • What experience do they have?
  • How computer literate are they?
  • Where are the workstations located?
  • Is it a harsh industrial environment?
  • What are the data sources?
  • What data redundancy is necessary to maximize system availability?
  • What processes are involved?
  • How can information be presented in a consistent and simple manner?
  • How can we integrate with the existing systems?
  • What steps will ensure maximum uptime and fast recovery?
  • What are the safety and operational issues?

QCA is dedicated to creating a user interface tailored to fit your needs.

Our careful planning and prototyping results in efficient solutions that revolutionize your processes.

Industrial Database

Industrial DatabaseData produced by real time processes means nothing unless it can be shown in a way people can understand.

We can take your data and allow you to access it to make business decisions. Commercial databases also need access to data.

QCA has experience interfacing from industrial to commercial systems securely and reliably.

Industrial Networking
Industrial Networks are as sophisticated as commercial systems.

QCA has extensive experience in the design, installation, and testing of network systems to meet the harsh requirements of an industrial environment.
Our experience includes:

  • Successfully revamping Data Highway copper systems to fibre-optics and Ethernet.
  • Using wireless radios to bridge networks where a fixed link is impractical.
  • Designing systems for security and connection to commercial LAN’s via routers and the Internet.
  • Commissioning industrial domains, domain servers, and security models to control user access to secure systems.

We provide secure, fast, and robust Industrial Networking to handle all levels of communication from peer-to-peer PLC’s to network application development.

QCA can customize your network to support all of your needs.

Operator Interface

operatorEffective user interfaces don’t happen by chance. It is the result of planning, design, and strong standards.

QCA delivers consistent results so your software is an advantage, not a liability to your operation.

Our process includes:

  • Involving your process names, equipment, and site terminology
  • Applying your standards in tag naming, alarm colours and graphics
  • Using high contrast colours and soft backgrounds in screen design to emphasize the critical items
  • Using consistent layout and design, especially in annunciation and alarming, for fast user adoption
  • Giving access to system documentation within the application so changes can be made easily
  • Enabling users to share a common HMI system by using the necessary safeguards

QCA offers state-of-the-art user interfaces.

Our designs maximize productivity by making your process as transparent and understandable as possible.

Recipe Management

Data Integration

Modern industrial processes require real-time integration with diverse sources of data.

QCA has designed and built systems for diverse needs and industries, such as:

  • Bulk handling systems that require accurate inventory, shipping audits, and load control
  • Manufacturing that requires controls on equipment such as ovens, casting machinery, treatment tanks, and sawmills
  • Productivity demands to keep systems running, under load, for the maximum time per shift
  • Quality control that quickly matches product deficiencies to archived production data
  • Presenting information in a simple and concise manner for efficient review by management

QCA fully understands how data management affects process control for inventory and reliability.

We present data in a simple and timely manner, dramatically enhancing your productivity levels.

Supervisory HMI Stations

hmi stationSupervisory HMI systems have transformed dramatically in the last decade.

Moving from DCS systems to PC-based multi-user applications, they can now provide impressive integration with the other systems in your workplace.

QCA has extensive experience writing HMI systems to replace obsolete systems, to upgrade existing systems, or to be the first HMI implemented.

When creating HMI Stations we always consider:

  • Systems can be produced for as many users and departments as necessary
  • Terminal Server versions allow onsite and remote users to see real-time views of site operations
  • HMI systems can access database systems and can retrieve alarm and historical operational data
  • Functionality can be extended to perform tasks required on the shop floor

QCA has years of project experience in HMI System design, development, deployment, training, and maintenance.

Our professional staff create control and monitoring software to fit your exact needs.

Testing & Verification

testingEven a perfect SCADA system must be tested.

QCA stays involved throughout the commissioning phase of system development.

Working closely with our clients, we ensure:

  • Extensive training and documentation
  • Careful system testing prior to deployment
  • Smooth transition to a new system through the assistance of staff, trainers and stakeholders
  • Complete staff assistance (through VPN and Remote Access facilities)
  • On-demand changes in programs, settings, and network configurations

QCA has successfully commissioned and deployed complex systems under aggressive project timelines.

We stand behind our products and take pride in supporting our work to maximize your uptime.

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