QCA provides hardened Industrial IT solutions to ensure maximum up times

Industrial IT solutions should be designed with highly availability and network security that integrates seamlessly with the control components.  Well planned Industrial IT solutions include a disaster recovery plan that is documented and verified.  Monitoring and reporting network health is essential to a highly available solution.

QCA Experience:
  •             VMWare Virtualization
  •             HyperV Virtualization
  •             Designing, Managing and Configuring Domains (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory)
  •             Ethernet network assessment, design and planning
  •             Terminal Server solutions (thin clients)
  •             HMI Server configurations
  •             Historian Server configurations
  •             SQL and Reporting
  •             Verified Backup and recovery methods

QCA has over 15 years’ experience designing and implementing Industrial IT solutions.

Assessment and Design

Assessing the current network topology is the first step towards a reliable and capable system. QCA can take your existing network or green field project and create a plan to move forward with segregated networks to include devices for PLC’s, HMI’s, Servers and Workstations, and commercial connectivity.

Industrial Historians and Reporting Systems

Production systems generate many points of data that can be useful to keep a history. QCA Systems uses industrial software to store data with proven data compression and longevity. Though anyone can put numbers into a database, custom solutions quickly create unmanageable large databases that take forever to produce usable data. QCA’s experience with industrial historians allow you to learn from others mistakes without having to go through them yourself.

Reporting takes the data from processes and creates something that can be used to make decisions. QCA produces webpage based reports that are easy to access and view, while using standard, open source languages.

Disaster Recovery

Every company needs to consider the impact of downtime so they can develop a contingency plan when disaster strikes. QCA disaster recovery plans include: HMI field computers :: PLC programs :: Industrial data :: Standards and procedures :: Redundancy :: and others

Commercial Connectivity

When your industrial data needs to connect to the commercial system, QCA can help you with the right plan. We handle the IT negotiations to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Your data can be accessed safely from around the world with internet connectivity.

Network Management and Support

QCA has extensive experience with core infrastructure items such as: DNS and DHCP :: Remote computer health monitoring :: Microsoft Active Directory :: Microsoft SQL Server :: Microsoft server and workstation operating systems

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