Machinery Collision Avoidance

QCA Systems has extensive experience helping both OEMs and Terminals implement control systems with effective anti-collision functionality, especially within the context of large, rail mounted machinery. QCA have engineered, installed, and commissioned collision avoidance systems on many rail mounted pieces of equipment worldwide.

A few example installations include
  • Redundant Encoders with Calibration and Laser machine-to ship protection: 
    Puerto Drummond Shiploaders – two slewing shiploaders operating on a common set of rails. This requires both machine-to-machine as well as machine-to-ship collision avoidance.

    • These machines were fitted with redundant, monitored travel and slew encoders, along with a coded system of proximity switches and strikers mounted along the berth to calibrate and error check the redundant system. The machines are also fitted with 2D laser scanners for ship collision avoidance.
  • Redundant Encoders with Calibration and hard coded exclusion zones:
    Puerto Drummond Stackers – same arrangement as the shiploaders above, except that instead of machine-to-ship, stackers had to be programmed to avoid fixed structures located within the storage yard (similar scenario to that of Viterra).
  • High Accuracy GPS:
    Weyerhaeuser Log Gantry Cranes – This installation was performed using fail safe high accuracy GPS systems mounted on each crane to perform positional calculations.
  • High Accuracy GPS with backup Calibrated Encoder and Radar:
    Westshore Terminals Shiploader 1 – Westshore’s new Shiploader 1 uses GPS to track its position along the rails, this is backed up by an absolute encoder that is calibrated via the cable reel. The machine also has supplemental radar sensors to support semiautomatic loading and collision avoidance for ship mounted objects as well as ground vehicles.

QCA have gained the in-depth knowledge of how to specify, engineer, and implement collision avoidance based on our experience in the field, and a proven track record of success.

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