Engineering and Automation & Control services to meet all your business needs

We take a green field project from start to finish. Starting with assessments and planning, including design and build, program and commission, plus, we offer support while the project is in use.

Project Management

project manage

We take project management seriously.

QCA certified managers use the proven management methodology and best practices established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Backed by decades of expertise, QCA Systems balances the competing demands of scope, time, cost, risk, and quality.

We meet stakeholder needs and expectations by using comprehensive processes through the following project stages:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Closing

QCA methodology ensures we dedicate the same expertise and effort to each project, whether it is large or small.

The final product is quality work, consistent results, and dedicated clients.

Assessments & Design

Assessments Design

Assessments identify issues that can be corrected in a controlled manner to reduce downtime and reduce risk by ensuring reliable infrastructure and loading issues.

Once the need for automation improvements has been discovered, QCA creates the design necessary for a successful project.

We develop a functional specification and ensure that you approve of the expectations and the final operational result. QCA performs detailed assessments and designs for:

  • PLC control systems
  • PLC panel fabrication 
  • Supervisory SCADA systems 
  • Industrial networks 
  • Data historian systems 
  • Automatic reporting systems 
  • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering 

Our assessments determine the current state of your systems to reduce any risks associated with expansion.

We record system load and capacity, ensure stable infrastructure, and correct any data loss issues.

QCA creates practical assessment reports with measured data and hard facts.

Our design phase includes developing drawings, specifying system components, evaluating products, and testing.

At the end of this process, we work closely with you to approve the budget and launch the project.

Budgeting & Planning


QCA believes in long-term client relationships.Vision and Camera Systems

We work with you to develop yearly budgets for automation improvements and plan your corporate budget.

Manufacturers often find it difficult to develop their own long-term integration strategies for automation systems. Plant personnel are also not always current regarding the latest technology, and might rely only on experience from their own site.

QCA works with many companies from a diverse cross-section of industries.

We guard the confidentiality, trade secrets, and processes of our clients judiciously, and use our overall experience to help you develop a strategic plan and an accessible budget.

Our plans can easily be divided into phases that are scheduled according to your availability of funds.

We put our industry experience to work for you by evaluating the latest technology solutions, which allows us to develop custom project plans scalable to your current and future needs.

Supervisory Systems

supervisory systems

System interface is critical to an efficient manufacturing process in today’s manufacturing environments.

Advanced supervisory HMI stations give an operator immediate feedback on all operating conditions.

Operators can achieve maximum efficiency with proactive alarming and diagnostics on any PC.

QCA has years of experience implementing both stand-alone and global supervisory control solutions.

We partner with you to implement the most practical and cost-effective topology for your environment.

We document a roll-out strategy for a system based on client/server technology, terminal server extensions to management PCs, and web portals for remote access. These technologies allow real-time operations and production totals.

All departments have access to the data with immediate support available from on-call personnel.

Technology is changing rapidly, providing many options for supervisory systems.

We build systems to fit your production needs.

PLC Control

PLC Control covers a wide variety of disciplines, including;

Design QCA has the experience to select and build the right equipment for your needs. Good design not only reduces the final cost, but reduces the future maintenance cost as well. We use our design experience to minimize potential upsets and maximize the profitably of every phase in your project.

System Drawings Good drawings allow you to identify system components quickly so you can troubleshoot problems ASAP. We know the value of good drawings and strive to provide the best troubleshooting tools that give you the confidence to fix breakdowns in the fastest time possible.

Panel Design & Fabrication QCA is a UL rated shop. We design top-notch panels with easy access for field terminations. Our panels reduce installation time and percentage of field termination errors.

PLC Programming Our specialists are experts in PLC programming. QCA Hardware platforms include: :: Allen-Bradley/Rockwell :: Omron :: Modicon/Unity :: Siemens :: &others. We use proven programming methodology to maximize user friendliness and troubleshooting while allowing for future integration.

Operator Interfaces An easy to use interface can increase profitability. QCA’s experience with a wide variety of HMI systems makes it possible to create an intuitive, easy to use and extensive interface. Software platforms include :: Wonderware, Application Server and Intouch :: Rockwell FactoryTalk View Machine and Site Edition ::GE iFix :: Proface :: & others.

Commissioning & Service Commissioning is one of the most important phases of an automation project. QCA specialists use their start-up experience to get your project up and running on time and on budget. QCA Service technicians use VPN and remote access technology to look at a problem within minutes instead of hours. Our 24/7 support packages mean there is always someone available on the phone to help, giving peace of mind and support to your round the clock operation.

Variable Frequency Drives

vfd drives

Drive applications we have designed:

01) Dumper Barrel 2x 150HP VFD with Regen Units
02) Bucketwheel 500HP VFD
03) Boom Conveyor 600HP VFD
04) Slew System 3x 40HP VFD, in Master/Slave Mode
05) 34x 15HP motor Long Travel System, 2x 300HP V FD’s in droop mode
06) Conveyor 2x 400HP VFD in droop mode
07) Conveyor 2x 250HP VFD in droop mode
08) Bucketwheel 400HP VFD
09) Boom Conveyor 2x 300HP VFD’s in droop mode
10) Slew System 2x 50HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
11) 20x 15HP motor Traverse System, 400HP VFD
12) Boom Conveyor 2x 300HP VFD’s in droop mode
13) Slew System 2x 50HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
14) 20x 15HP motor Traverse System, 400HP VFD
15) Boom Conveyor 500HP VFD
16) Slew System 2x 30HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
17) Boom Shuttle system 2 x 60HP VFD’s in droop mode
18) 18x 15HP motor Long Travel System, 2x 150HP VFD’s in droop mode
19) Rail Car Indexer System 7x 150HP VFD’s all in Master/Salve mode
20) Boom Conveyor 500HP VFD
21) Elevating Conveyor 2x 500HP VFD is Droop Mode
22) Slew System 2x 30HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
23) Boom Shuttle system 2 x 60HP VFD’s in droop mode
24) 18x 15HP motor Long Travel System, 2x 150HP VFD’s in droop mode
25) Boom Conveyor 2x 300HP VFD in droop mode
26) Slew System 2x 15HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
27) 12x 15HP motor Long Travel System, 2x 100HP VFD’s in droop mode
28) Boom Conveyor 2x 300HP VFD in droop mode
29) Slew System 2x 15HP VFD in Master/Slave mode
30) 12x 15HP motor Long Travel System, 2x 100HP VFD’s in droop mode
31) Conveyor 150HP VFD
32) Spout System 7.5HP VFD
33) Spout System 7.5HP VFD
34) 3 axis XYZ servo system Palletizer, 3x 9amp Servo Motors
35) Bagger System 2 axis XY servo system, 2x 5amp Servo Motors
36) Sawline 12x VFD’s for infeed, saw, and outfeed systems (3HP to 10HP VFD’s)
37) 3 axis XYZ servo system pick and place (5amp to 12amp servos)
38) 3 axis XYZ servo system pick and place (5amp to 12amp servos)
39) 8 axis servo Nailing System (5amp to 12 amp servos) + 3x 5HP VFD’s
40) Gypsum Process Board Line 15 VFD’s, (15HP to 100HP)
41) Material Elevator 5HP VFD
42) Material Elevator 7.5HP VFD
43) Swing Bridge 50HP VFD

QCA will also support an established system, with upgrade planning, supervisory systems, networking, and more.

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