We partner with our customers to design and implement intelligent automation solutions

Our goal is to improve your productivity and reduce overall manufacturing costs. To achieve this, we use our experience to integrate industry and commercial systems, make them secure, and create real-time and historical views of your process data.

We believe in being healthy and competitive in the market place, this policy allows us to share technology best practices between industries. QCA offers automation consulting and system integration to support you in achieving new levels of process efficiency.

We worked with an impressive variety of industries, technologies, and applications. QCA delivers automation solutions to a diverse cross-section of industrial manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest.

We have extensive history in the following markets
QCA Industry Experience

Bulk material handling terminals
Container Terminals
Oil/Gas Terminals
Alternate fuel systems
Forest products, lumber and paper
Gypsum or wallboard
Auto parts and aviation
Food and beverage processing
Transportation, rail, and airport
Medical products
Wallboard Manufacturing
Packaging industry Testing facilities
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Auto Parts
Aircraft Parts
Municipal SCADA systems
Custom Machine Controls

Even with this much industry focus we stay diversified
QCA Project Related Skills

Electrical Power Engineering/Design
Power Coordination Studies
Equipment Arch Flash Study and Coordination
Instrumentation and Controls Engineering/Design
Consulting for Facility Industrial IT Infrastructure
Construction Drawings
Fabrication and Supply of PLC Control Panels + Consoles
Turn Key Supply of  Electrical Rooms & Operator Cabins
Drives Systems and VFD Panel Supply
Instrumentation Selection, Integration, Supply
PLC Programming
HMI System and Data Historian programming
Supply of Industrial networking equipment
Supply of Servers and Software for a complete Terminal Infrastructure
Database programming and Web Reporting System
Field Installation
Supervision of Electrical Installation and Quality Control
Testing and Commissioning

QCA Technology Skills

Advanced Process Control, Semi-Automatic Control
Process Optimization, Flow Control
Advanced Drives Systems (Hoisting, Load Sharing, AFE Regeneration Systems)
HMI System Development ( Large Client/Server Systems)
GPS Advanced Positioning, Mobile Equipment Tracking + Collision Avoidance
Radar based Collision Avoidance, Positioning, Process Scanning
Laser Scanning, Advanced Process Control
Real Time Vibration Monitoring Systems, live local alarming, and waveform storage
AEI Reader integration (Automatic Rail Car Identification)
Scale Integration, Load Out Systems
Industrial Networks, Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modbus+
Industrial IT infrastructures, Sever Implementation, Domain Controllers, Active Directory
Thin Client Technology, Terminal Services, Virtual Machines
Plant Historians for time series process data, INSQL, iHistorian, FactoryTalk Historian
Transactional Production data interface to SQL Server
Custom Web Reporting Systems (Report data from any location to management)

Our diversity of clients allows us to share the best practices in control strategies and automation technology.

We specialize in seamless integration from plant floor up to the commercial network. We draw on our accumulated experience to help you meet your business goals.